Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The shiz

Welp, the MTC has been the shiz! However, it does have that smell of school supplies that always made me hate the first day of school. But I don't even smell it anymore, haha. I have made a lot of cool new friends here! Elder Lefler is a really cool kid and he's from Cypress, Texas! He knows some of my church friends that live over there, so that's cool. Elder Avila loves to talk a lot, and he's hilarious, so there's never a dull moment with him. We have two sister missionaries, and usually they're super square because they're so spiritual and don't like to joke around, but these Sisters are really easy-going and they really have strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the same time. My companion is Elder Weekly. He's a nice kid and I admire the fact that he has chosen to be a missionary despite his father's recent death. I look forward to becoming better friends with him! He's going to the Asuncion Paraguay Mission. Also, our district leader is a really tall kid (like 6'8'') named Elder Walker, and I've actually seen him around BYU before! He's a cool guy. Then there's also Elder Harris, who's kinda quiet even though he's the oldest kid in our district, and he's a really nice guy and easy to get along with. In all, there are 10 Elders in my district and two Sisters. We study soooo much here, I had no idea! We pretty much study from 7am-9pm, with breaks for gym, lunch, and dinner. The classrooms have been SUPER HOT too. Like the heaters are stuck on  "HIGH" or something. It's KILLER. It makes studying and learning really hard. And we're stuck in the same class all day. And everyday I get progressively more and more tired, it's nuts! But it seems every time I'm tired or frustrated, the Lord gives me something to be excited/energetic about. Like dinner sometimes is REALLY good. Or the fact that it has snowed twice! And learning Spanish is refreshing and fun - I've always liked the language! I got to go to the temple today, that was really spiritual! Mostly, I have gained a much stronger love for God's children since I've been here. And its been less than a week! The Lord has truly blessed me to see his children as he sees them, and to see their potential. Well dont worry to much about me! I'm having fun! Gotta go! I love all of you!

P.S. Also, feel free to write me through because it's just like emailing but I can get DearElder letters any day of the week, read them in advance, and then I have more time to plan ahead what to say to you during the 30 mins I have to email. My P-Days are on Tuesdays, so write me before Tuesday from now on!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Evan will report to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) tomorrow morning! We are all so excited for him and know that he will be a great missionary! Good luck, Evan!