Friday, April 1, 2011

First week in Colombia ¡Que chevere!

Querido familia,

Colombia es bacano! Estoy aprendiendo mucho, y mi compañero es un poder. Sin embargo, a veces me pongo frustrado porque mi Español no es todo lo que quiero que sea. Pero el Padre Celestial nunca me deja y El me esta ayudando demasiado.

Ok I don't have much time, so I'm gonna switch to English now haha. This week has been extremely interesting! I'll start off with the bad stuff so we can end on a positive note, ¿cool? We have gotten lost quite a bit because neither of us know the area. Elder Velasquez is starting to catch on though, whereas I'm usually still in the dark as to where our next appointment is. But that's because I'm learning so much other stuff that is more important, so it's hard for my brain to have room to learn where everyone lives! Our first or second day, we were supposed to meet one of the church members at our chapel, and we didn't even know where that was, and we ended up leaving our area on accident and waiting for the church member at a different church building. And yesterday we decided we'd scout out our area on a bus, and the bus randomly changed it's route or something and we were on the bus for like an hour and a half before we finally got dropped off remotely near our apartment. The Spanish is coming, but honestly, it's REALLY hard. I can hardly understand anything! Thank goodness my companion is Peruvian and naturally speaks the clearest, most perfectly untainted Spanish! Or maybe it's just cuz I'm used to hearing mom's Peruvian Spanish. Man, it feels like I've been here for at least 3 weeks, RIDONCULOUS. Also, I've already gotten a little sick. Nothing much, just a case of the runs. Haha just kidding (but in all seriousness... not really). Also, I got a sunburn on my neck, arms, and face yesterday! ¡Que vaina! Every single day I haven't even gotten CLOSE to getting a sunburn, and yesterday for P-Day we played futbol and I got one. I think it's because every day I wear a suit jacket that covers my neck and arms, whereas yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt. I guess I'll just have to play soccer in my suit from now on...

Alrighty, time for the good stuff! Every day we pass by lots and lots of graffiti. It's awesome! I've always admired the artistic abilities of some graffiti-ists. My personal favorite is the one that says, ''USA NOS USA'', which means ''USA USES US''. I'm positive the first time I get robbed will be right next to that graffiti. We have been getting to know the members here very well and they are all so powerful and strong! I haven't met anyone in the ward who isn't a convert to the Church (besides small children), but they are all such friendly and righteous people! They are all extremely willing to help too! Right now we have two people who are pretty much gonna be baptized. Lucely is an older woman who showed up at church randomly a little before I got to Colombia. She has been extremely prepared for the Gospel. She understands everything, she believes pretty much everything, and she said herself that she wants to be baptized! We also have a baptismal date with a 10 yr old named Michael. And just about an hour ago we were knocking on doors and we found a woman named Norma who's extremely ready for the gospel as well. The Spirit of God has been a wonderful aid this past week. Well, I have to go! I feel bad because I talked more about the bad things, but trust me, there's a lot of good things. I love you all! Pray for me! 


Elder Bogdan

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