Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letter from the Mission Home

Dear Missionary Family,

Your missionary arrived safely in his new area and is adjusting to mission life. We are excited to have these fine new missionaries here in the Colombia Bogotá North Mission.  They are excited and enthusiastic and ready to work hard.

Preparation Days for your missionary are on Wednesdays and you should expect email on that day weekly. We suggest that you email him weekly on the email account that he has.  It is quick and reliable. takes quite awhile to reach us as it has to go through the pouch.  In Colombia there is no government postal service.  Everything is delivered by courier.  We have very good success getting packages and mail here.  You may use the US Post Office for mail and packages, but try to keep the boxes under 4 lbs.  Anything over 4 lbs. is charged a customs tariff when it arrives in Colombia.  This charge is assessed to your missionary.  If you do choose to send a heavier package, you might want to consider DHL or UPS.  The office address is listed below and all mail should be sent there.

Bogotá is a very large city with 9 million people.  We have five zones in Bogotá and four zones in the outlying areas of the mission.  The water in Bogotá is safe to drink without filters.  In the outlying areas we encourage all missionaries to use their special filters or bottled water.  Colombia has many fresh fruits and vegetables and your missionary will enjoy the food here.

We know that the Lord has called your son to serve in the precise place where he is supposed to be, and as he dedicates his service unto the Lord and the wonderful people of Colombia, He will bless your missionary and your family. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.  You may also want to check out the mission blog which can be found at for more information about our mission.

Sister Hacking
Colombia Bogotá North Mission

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