Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feliz Dia de Amor y Amistad!

Hola familia! Como les va? (does that make sense?)
Happy late Valentine's Day! You'll be glad to know that even here at the MTC we still get lots of Valentine's candy! I got a package from my good friend Emilye Messerly that had a lot of cookies in it too! It was my first package! Just so you know, sending packages to Colombia is nearly impossible, I hear, so now's the time to send me packages! That is, if you LOVE me.... haha jk:) Well, I haven't had much time recently to respond to yall's emails cuz I usually take so much time talking about what happened during my week, so today, I'm gonna make the topic of "me" a little more brief. 
This week, we explored some Narnia holes! That's what they call random holes in the walls or furniture throughout the MTC where you can find hidden messages from missionaries past. We found a miniature Christmas tree and some funny notes with encouraging advice. Also, yesterday we tried our best to talk in Spanish all day! It actually wasn't that difficult! And we're doing the same thing tomorrow and Friday, and starting next week, all of our classes are in only Spanish! This week we've started teaching the Plan of Salvation, which is such an amazing topic, but it's really hard to teach in Spanish! We role-played a lesson and we were wanting to teach it mostly in English first cuz we wanted to get used to just teaching the principles, but the guy we were teaching wouldn't let us speak English! But it went pretty well! I know without a doubt that God is our Father and that He loves us and wanted us to have all the joy that He has, and that's why we are here on Earth - to get a body, to learn, to grow, to have families, and learn to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This message has such amazing truths in it, and I'm so grateful that I know my purpose in life!
I love you all, but im outta time! Bye!
P.S. Oh, and i've gained 2 flipping lbs since I've been here! Sucks! Its cuz ever since I broke my finger, I have to ice it for 20 mins during gym so I dont get to exercise as much.

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