Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hola Familia!

Hi family!
Well, it's been like 5 weeks since I've been on the mission! Seems like 2 years! haha jk, the weeks progressively get faster! This past Wednesday, my friend/old roommate Brett Manning came to the MTC! Remember? He's the one that hung out with us at the Morris' house that one time and helped us replace the car tire and Mom thought he was cute and wanted to hook him up with Lisette? Haha it was way cool to see him! This week has once again been SUPER spiritual! This past Sunday, we had a Musical Fireside that was really cool! A lot of people went up to the microphone and said what their favorite hymn was and why it was their favorite, and then we would sing the hymns! It was a lot like this one sacrament meeting I went to once with Lisette. And at the end, we sang this really cool version of "Called to Serve" and by the end of the song, we were all standing and singing as loud as we could. The Spirit was so strong! I love serving a mission! It is such an amazing and growing experience. We listened to a talk by Elder Holland and he said that his mission meant EVERYTHING to him, and he wants it to mean the same thing to us too. He said that every single blessing in his life has come as a result of his mission. We hear so often in the MTC about the blessings that will come that we can't quite picture yet. Our efforts will not only bless families of those who hear our message for generations to come, it will bless our own families! There's so many blessings that come from simply being obedient, and we can't even comprehend a small portion of those blessings. So when times seem hard, and being obedient seems like it's not paying off, keep having hope, because we really can't even imagine the things God has in store for us!
This week some good friends of mine here left for their missions! They were already fluent in Spanish, so they only had to stay here for 3 weeks. They were just some really goofy, friendly people. But the 12 missionaries in my district know how to have fun too. We're all pretty goofy, but spiritual too. When we don't talk in Spanish, we talk in English with British accents! It's hilarious! And Travis, sometimes I do my Dobby voice (from Harry Potter) and it's a favorite of everyone in my district! Also, Elder Mills, one of my roommates but not my companion, and I sometimes sing Saturday's Warrior songs. We've gotten them stuck in everyone's heads, and they hate us for it, but they actually like us. I think. I hope. Oh, and we went to the temple the other day and it was snowing, so we made a snowman outside and took pictures of us sitting on a bench next to the snow man and teaching it a lesson, haha! The pictures I have of it are hilarious! I'm not able to hook up my camera to the computers here at the MTC, so I cant email the pictures, but maybe I'll mail some pictures out to yall.
Gotta go! Bye!

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