Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mi primera semana en Bucaramanga

Querida Familia,

This week in Bucaramanga has been a learning experience. I feel like I am growing as a missionary in many ways, and of course, I still have a lot more to learn. I want to be such a great instrument in the hands of the Lord, and make a difference in the world, or at least make a difference in the world of a person. I love the Gospel so much. It is the greatest privilege to serve God and serve my friends. My favorite painting right now of Jesus Christ is on my wall next to my desk where I study every morning. It is the picture of Jesus Christ washing the feet of the apostle Peter. I love the message that Jesus shared that goes with that simple act of service. Christ is so humble and so loving, and we should always be humble and willing to kneel down and serve someone as Christ did so many times. We can make a difference in the world, or at least make a difference in the world of a person. Don't get so caught up in yourselves that you forget to serve others. Always look for those opportunities to serve, giving someone temporal happiness and spiritual happiness. Serve in physical ways, such as helping someone who's car broke down, or painting a house, or donating food. And also serve in spiritual ways, sharing the Gospel with all that you meet, for that is what will give lasting happiness, and lasting peace.

Well, a little bit about Bucaramanga. It's hotter and more humid here than in Bogotá, but it doesn't rain as much here and the sun is always shining, so that's really cool. And in comparison to the weather in Houston right now, Bucaramanga weather is beautiful (but still hot). The city is really nice, and very commercial. I feel like I am in Miami or California or something. And I live in a big house too! Haha, I felt like I was in a dreamhouse when I arrived to my apartment. It has two floors, three bathrooms, and a gi-normous patio with a beautiful view of all the city! My companion, Elder Silva, is from Lima and talks like a kid from the streets (a little gangster). He's funny and cool, and although he's the senior companion, I feel more like the senior companion. I am the one that talks more in the lessons, and I feel like he's very comfortable here in Bucaramanga, cuz he's been in the same ward for 6 months. So I'm the one motivating him and training him. But he's a really good guy, and smiles a lot. Welp, since I arrived here, we have found lots of new investigators who God has truly prepared. One lady, Rosa Rivera, told us about her son who was killed some years ago. The last three months of his life he had made lots of changes and started going to a church. He also was reading the Bible and a lot more happier in his life. Her husband and her had dreams about him after his death and she wanted to know where her son is right now. In the dream of her husband, the son was wearing a white shirt and told his dad that he should quit drinking and take care of mom, and that he would be waiting for his parents ''over there''. In a dream the mom had, she saw her son entering what looked like a pool with clothing on. He looked really happy when he was entering the pool. I couldnt help but think that the dream had something to do with the baptisms for the dead that take place in the temples. Her son started his path to God at the end of his life, and is continuing the path and learning in the next life. Now he is ready for a baptism, and needs the help of his mom. We ended up teaching the mom about the Plan of Salvation. She is very interested! We want to teach her more about temples and vicarious work for the dead. Welp, Bucaramanga is really sweet! I hope you all are having a great summer and vacations! I think so, because the number of letters has dropped significantly, haha.

-Elder Bogdan

{written June 30, 2011}

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