Thursday, August 11, 2011

¡Nuevo compañero!

My dearest, most gracious, heavenly family

Haha, woops. Almost started a prayer there... Welp, thanks to all of those who wrote me letters for my birfday and stuff! I have really enjoyed the letters I've been getting lately. A happy Elder Bogdan means happy investigators! Sorry for not writing last week! I was busy!

So my companion Elder Silva left to serve in Bogotá, in the area that includes the temple, and my new companion is a Chileno, Elder Jara! It's refreshing to have a new companion. He jokes a lot, he's loud, he talks really fast, and he's crazy - or in other words, he's Chileno. He's a good teacher, so that's good. We've already butted heads in just a week, but I know that we can accomplish a lot together this transfer. At least now I don't feel like I'm teaching the lessons solo, whereas with Elder Silva I felt that way sometimes. So I'm grateful for my new companion. I realized this week that I LOVE to work. The first 3 days with Elder Jara, I felt really frustrated. He was sick, and because he didn't feel good, he didn't talk in the lessons. I thought, ''What the heck, are you gonna help me?'' The second day we went to lunch and he stood up from his chair and told me that his knee was hurting and that he couldn't walk, so we went back to the apartment for the rest of the day. The next day his knee was still bothering him and so we went to the clinic and he had an exam, and then we waited for like 3.5 hours for his radiography so that the doctor could tell him what was wrong. I heard that here in Colombia it's typical to wait for a LONG time when visiting the doctor. So that day we also didn't work very much. I was frustrated, and I thought that Elder Jara was lying about the pain because he wanted to chill in the house. I realized in all that frustration that I love working! I didn't come to Colombia to sit still and do nothing, to wait in doctor's clinics, to chill in the house. I came to work my butt off! But now Elder Jara's feeling better and he's helping A LOT, so I'm not angry at him anymore.

Oh, and yall probably wanna know what I did for my birthday, but first : Mom, thank you soooooo much for the package!!!!! I love you so much! I liked how you decorated the shoe box with little drawings and phrases of encouragement. Now I know that I DIDN'T get my drawing skills from you... haha! I love you! Thanks for the healthy cereal! I don't buy much cereal here cuz it's expensive, and when I do buy, I buy cereal that's not super healthy cuz it's cheaper. And I KNEW you'd remember that Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy. And thanks for the Riesen's also! And the chips, and the power bar:) Welp, for my birthday, I worked like normal, and at night when I returned home to the apartment, we ate cake and ice cream, and the 3 other missionaries in my apartment tricked me and smased eggs on my head! As I was about to blow the candle out on the cake, they pulled eggs out of their pockets and smased them on my head! I wanted to beat them up at first (haha), but afterwards I realized it was really funny and it made my birthday very memorable. And we have everything on video too! haha! Also, some investigators (the Bernal Family) bought me pizza for my birthday, and the Toloza Family from the ward made me a cake and we celebrated a little in their house.

Mom, the emails you have been sending me have really shocked me. First to hear that Brett Weaver died, it was strange to imagine. I felt sad for the family and prayed a lot for them. And then to hear about the accident with the Moore family and the death of Brother Moore. I realized that while I was here in Colombia celebrating my birthday, a terrible crisis had occurred the same night in the Moore family. I prayed a lot for them as well. It was especially strange to comprehend the news of Brother Moore's death. My heart reached out to Sister Moore and her children. My friend Stephanie from Kempner told me about the accident as well and she's gonna give me Alaire's email. When I thought about how Alaire must be feeling, I thought about you, Mom. Because your dad died when you were the same age as Alaire. And she has two younger brothers as well who must be feeling sad in these times. I know the love of the Lord, and I know he will help them in their times of trial. And we can also help them as well. I hope you've have reached out to serve them, Mom. Because you know how they must be feeling. I'm glad for the knowledge of God's plan of Salvation, to know that God does everything for a purpose and knows what's best for us. I'm glad Mom that you realized that at a young age and were able to learn to trust in God in you times of trial.

I love our family and I'm also glad to know that we can be together forever, even after death. Thanks for all the happiness which you guys have shared with me in your letters!

Welp, I gotta go! I love all of you!

Elder Bogdan

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