Thursday, March 3, 2011


Welp, today is the first day of March!
I'm supposed to leave the MTC exactly 3 weeks from today! NUTS! I'm excited to go to Colombia! I don't hate the MTC though. I don't get why so many people say they don't like it. We get to hear so many spiritual messages, we're surrounded by so many others working their hardest, and we get to hear the words of Church Leaders constantly! What's to dislike about that?? I'm gonna try and really poner las pilas these last 3 weeks here, and help my companion to work extra hard these last weeks too. He needs lots of encouragement or he'll easily get distracted and lose sight of his purpose as a missionary. But he's a fun kid:) We've had a few growing experiences as a companionship, and I foresee more to come in the next few weeks. Its funny because there are two other Elders that share a room with us. Elder Carling and Elder Weekly are really good friends, and Elder Mills and I are really good friends. Elder Mills is from Georgia and he's super short and looks like the Hulk. And he really likes Taylor Swift. Him and I like to sing together, as well as another elder, Elder Bjorling. Actually, Elder Bjorling, Hermana Romero (a sister in my district who's serving in Denver Colorado), and I sang in Sacrament Meeting, and we got a lot of compliments, so we decided to try out to sing in one of the MTC devotionals on Sunday nights, and we're probably gonna be singing sometime soon in front of the whole MTC at one of these devotionals!
Ok, now spiritual stuff. I learned this week that the term "free" agency, freedom of choice, was anything but free. Because God loved us so much, He gave us the ability to choose for ourselves, and God paid a huge price for us to have this gift. He let His children have agency, and using their agency, 1/3 of God's children chose not to follow him and were lost before anyone even came to live on Earth. This was a huge sacrifice made by our Heavenly Father out of love for us. In addition, after God's remaining children came to Earth, many exercised their agency wrongfully, and another huge price was paid for our mistakes here on Earth by Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and on Calvary. 
Ok, so this next spiritual thought might sound kinda corny, but scientists have proven that the act of smiling itself stimulates happy chemicals in our bodies. So smile more! Ok, I have a lot more spiritual stuff to say, but I'm out of time! Bye!

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