Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mi familia es chevere!

!Hola Familia! Como le van?
This week has been interesting. The week started off really good and I was excited and pumped and working hard! My companion and I taught a really good lesson to a pretend investigator. The Spirit was very present. I wasn't nervous or worried about my Spanish, I was able to focus on the guy we were teaching and feel God's love for him, and I was able to know what he needed to hear through God's help. But then after that, I started finding myself unwilling to work as hard and becoming annoyed at certain things. I didn't feel like I was using my time wisely, and I know Satan was trying to discourage me and keep me from working my hardest. But I've been praying for help to conquer Satan and I know that God helps all of His children, and He will help His missionaries. And these past two days, I have just heard and seen a lot of things that have really strengthened and inspired me.
Regardless, I have learned a lot this week that I want to share with my wonderful family! First, I learned how important it is to invite people to Church and what a huge impact that has on people in bringing them closer to Christ and helping them gain a testimony of this Gospel. When people come to church, they notice how happy the members are, how wonderful the message is, they feel a desire to become part of the ward and share in the happiness, and they can feel the Spirit so strong at church. I also learned that we should never be ashamed to testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We should never be ashamed of the gospel in general (Romans 1:16), but especially we shouldn't be afraid to share about the Restoration of the Gospel through Joseph. I have taught plenty of lessons to people, and I can feel the Spirit the strongest when we tell the story of the First Vision, and I know that the people I am teaching feel the Spirit strongly at that part too, even if they are already members and they're just acting like investigators.
Also, I learned that perfection does not come 100 years from now. Often we think that we are so far from being perfect and becoming like God, but perfection is a "now" event. It comes TODAY as we join ourselves to Christ and unite our will with His. When we as imperfect ppl unite ourselves with the infinitely perfect Christ, we are made perfect. There is no other name or means by which man can be saved save through Jesus Christ - through His suffering, death, and resurrection. To become perfect, we must utilize the Atonement in our lives EVERY DAY. This means we must repent DAILY, which I know I have been guilty of not doing plenty of times. But now I am repenting daily and I know that the Spirit will be more present with me if I keep it up. The Atonement is real. It is amazing. It is what gives us happiness and hope. The MTC President, Pres. Brown said that if you are ever having a bad day and feeling down, study the Atonement of Jesus Christ and you will feel better!
Ok, so somehow I did somehow I screwed up and logged out and I ended up losing 5 mins of my time to write letters, so I don't really have much time to say anything else! I love you all! I want my family to know that I pray for each and everyone one of you every day! Choose the right always, and find some way to apply the things I've said. BYEEE!!

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