Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 month anniversary!

Mi Familia Hermosa:

Well, this week with my new companion has been awesome! We work very well together, and seriously, we are the best of friends. His personality is one of the friendliest I've ever known, and he reminds me of Nathan Morris cuz he's really goofy but super cool and friendly. He's also very spiritual, and I have learned a lot from him in only one week. And it's nuts how the Lord has been blessing our companionship with revelation and the aid of his Spirit. We were talking about our investigators the other day and making plans for them in order to teach them what will be of the most benefit. We started thinking long and hard about what to teach, and then at the same time we both said, ''The Plan of Salvation''. The same thing happened over and over and OVER again. The Lord was guiding us in unity as a companionship. And when it came to one family, we couldn't figure out what to teach them. Then I said, ''We should pray to find out'', and my companion said, ''I was thinking the exact same thing!'' It's amazing how when we are actually striving hard to receive revelation and listening intently, the Lord will guide his servants. And it wasn't that we heard a voice from the heavens or received a sign, but the Lord spoke to our hearts and minds. We meditated about our investigators, and then the same thought popped into both of our heads, and our feelings confirmed that those thoughts were of God, because we felt very good and very calm and very sure of the decisions. A lot of times I have felt those same impressions and those same feelings, and I doubted if they were from God or simply my own thoughts and feelings. But in this instance, I had a companion to confirm to me that those thoughts and feelings were from God. But here's the thing I learned: Don't doubt those feelings and thoughts. It is not necessary to have a companion to confirm those impressions of the Spirit. The impressions that I received in this instance were no different from previous impressions I have received from the Spirit throughout my life, even long before the mission. The only difference was that this time another person was there with me to share the experience. Yesterday I went to the temple and prayed, and I testify to you all once again that God DOES hear and answer prayers, through the Holy Ghost, which speaks to our hearts and minds, like I just described. Do not doubt spiritual impressions. I don't have my English scriptures with me, so I'm going to try to translate this scripture for you guys... '' Wherefore, all that is good comes from God.... Furthermore, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually. Wherefore, all that inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God and serve Him, is inspired of God.'' (Moroni 7:12-13)

This week we have seen the Lord's hand a lot. Like I said in my last letter, a lady randomly called out to us in the street and invited us to her house. Her name is Sujey Barrios and she isn't a member of the church and neither is her husband, Jose, but their three kids are. We have sufficiently grown to become friends with the family Barrios and are teaching them more about the gospel. The father wants to teach me how to ride a motorcycle and he also paints pictures very well and said he'd show me some techniques, haha. For them the family is very important, and the with the gospel a priority in their lives, their family can be UNSTOPPABLE, haha. We also started talking to a teenage kid, Jerson, in the street and he immediately invited us into his home to talk to him and his older sisters. His sisters have a lot more interest in the gospel, and one of them, Karen, came to church this past Sunday. They are very good, kind people, and the family is also very important to them. Karen is very young (20 something years old) but is already a widow. I know that teaching the Plan of Salvation to her can definitely help her out a lot and give her hope for her husband who passed away. Also, we are teaching a mother, Claudia, and her daughter Paola. Claudia has already come to church and has a lot of interest. We are also going to visit a 14yr-old kid named Miguel today who has a lot of interest and has already come to church. We are going to meet his parents who think very highly of the church as well. So we have a lot of people to teach who have been prepared by our loving Heavenly Father to receive the message of the Gospel! Like I said, the Lord's hand has been very present in this past week.


Con cariño,
Elder Usted (that's what one sister calls me cuz she can't pronounce my name very well)

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