Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bogota Temple is LEGIT

Querido Familia,

I don't have much time cuz there's always some problem with the computer, but this week has been great! Saturday we had our first baptism! It was for a 10yr old kid named Michael that we've been teaching. Most all of his family is members, and he already was going to church most sundays, so we didn't have to work too much, but it was still a great baptism! His older brother baptized him and his brother-in-law confirmed him. One of our investigators, Lucely Ramirez, came to the baptism and liked it a lot. We thought it would help her to come to the baptism because she still has some doubts and wants to wait months to be baptized. She has a great testimony of the Book of Mormon. So after the baptism, we asked her if she felt good about being baptized at the end of this month, like we had planned with her, but she STILL wants to wait longer, even after saying how wonderful the baptism was! I don't get it! haha but we're going to keep praying for her and helping her and resolving any doubts or questions she has. We've also begun to establish a really great relationship with her husband! He didn't even want to talk with us at first, but now every time we visit Lucely, he's always there to answer the door and talk to us! And yesterday we had our first lesson with him and Lucely together! They also have two daughters in their 20`s who we're trying to befriend. We even gave one of their daughters a blessing of healing. They are a wonderful family and I hope that one day they can be sealed in the temple for eternity:)

Speaking of which, today I went inside the Bogota Temple for the first time! It was interesting listening to everything in Spanish, and the celestial room was the most beautiful of all the temples I've been in! Also, on Monday, our zone of 12 missionaries went to a member's house in my ward for a service project! Her house is in the middle of a big field and forest, with a lake behind it too! That was really fun! And after doing a whole bunch of yard work, she taught us how to make homemade spaghetti! And by homemade, I mean we made the noodles from scratch and everything! And afterwards we picked some plants from her yard called rubarbs(?) and she made a dessert with it that tasted like cherry pie filling. It was really fun!

After I finish this letter, my comp. and I are gonna go visit another one of our investigators, Norma and her sons Juan Felipe and Henry. They are an amazing family! Norma says she knows without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true, Juan Felipe, who's 10, reads every chapter in the scriptures that we give him (sometimes he reads the same chapter several times), and Henry (4yrs old) is really disobedient, but he's really funny. They are excited to get baptized at the end of this month!

Welp, that's my week! Hope ya'lls was just as exciting!

Elder Bogdan

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