Tuesday, May 24, 2011

¡Nuevo compañero!

Querida familia

It was so great to talk to you guys on Skype! Truthfully, I felt a little ''trunky''' afterwards. My family is so great! It was really fun to see all your faces and joke and talk as if I wasn't even in another country. Thank goodness for technology! The funniest thing that happened by far was definitely when Raquel and Ben pantsed Tyler, haha such bad parents! It was sad that Jonathan couldn't talk because he doesn't feel very good. He should've just stayed on the phone. I hope everything goes well with your surgery Jonathan! I'm praying for you, big bro!

Welp, the big news since Sunday is that I got a new companion yesterday! There were emergency transfers and Elder Velasquez had to move to an area 13 hrs away. Elder Velasquez is a stud, and I learned a lot from him, but I also felt that he was starting to get bored of this area and not as pumped as he was at the start, and therefore my ability to grow was also affected. So although I'm gonna miss Elder Velasquez, I know it was for the better. My new companion's name is Elder Cardona, and he's from La Paz, Bolivia! Man oh man, he is way cool! We're already good friends, and I'm super excited for this transfer. Already I have grown in the one day that we've been together. Since he's the new one and I'm the one in the companionship who's familiar with the area, I felt like I had a lot more responsibility given to me yesterday. I was a little worried for that reason, but Heavenly Father has definitely helped me. The first thing we were going to do yesterday was knock doors and try to find new people who are interested. As I was leading Elder Cardona to the neighborhood where we should begin, I felt the impression that we should walk towards the house of a man that we had met a couple days ago and see if we could visit with him. So as we were walking to his house, a woman called out, ''Elders!'' and approached us and told us to come to her house because she wanted to visit with us. FREAK, right?! That NEVER happens! At least not here in the city. She's not a member, but her three children are. They got baptized a little over a year ago and stopped going to church about 6 months ago. She wanted us to talk to her kids and get them to go back to church. She said she has seen a great change in her children since they met the missionaries, and that her relationship with her daughters got much better. But when they stopped going to church, things went back to normal. She said she knows that this church is the path for her kids, and maybe for her too, but she still has a lot of questions that she's waiting for Heavenly Father to answer. Her husband isn't a member of the church either, but they both think very highly of the church. Perhaps it wasn't there time in the past, but perhaps it's their time now. We'll see! Welp, that's the ''sitch'', as Kim Possible puts it. I love you family! And if any of my friends are reading this, know that I haven't forgotten ya'll, I just don't have much time to write back just yet. Be patient with me, and know that I think about ya'll and laugh when I remember the funny things we'd do. Family and friends, I pray for ALL of you, and I trust God enough to know that He will bless you according to my faith and yours.

Elder Jhordan (that's what a the 4yr-old Henry calls me because he doesn't know how to pronounce ''Bogdan'' haha)

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