Tuesday, May 24, 2011

¡I got robbed!

Haha, the subject of this email is a lie. I didn´t get robbed, I just thought it'd grab the attention of my faithful readers and fans:)

Dear Family,

I started feeling trunky this week for some reason, I don't remember why. It was pretty insignificant, nothing that I can't handle, but pray for me anyways,ok? By the way, ''trunky'' means homesick. It's just that I miss all you guys a lot! Families are amazing, and we teach about the importance of families everyday and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless families. Maybe that's why I started to miss ya´ll. But the work is moving forward! I'm excited for this Saturday because we're having our first baptism! It's for a 10-yr old named Michael, and he's cool and he likes us a lot. I can vaguely remember the two missionaries who taught me before I was baptized, and I remember thinking they were awesome. I can kind of remember their names too - Elder Butler and Elder Vesterfelt, I think. It's pretty cool to think that Michael also thinks we're the bomb and he's gonna remember our names maybe.

Remember last week how I said we were knocking doors and we found a golden investigator? Her name's Norma and she has a son who's 10 (Juan Felipe) who's a STUD and son who's 4 (Henry) who super funny! They've agreed to get baptized April 30th, the same day as another one of our investigators, Lucely. So we'll have 3 baptisms that day! Norma has a lot of questions, and they enjoyed coming to Church this Sunday! We had a Family Home Evening with them and a member family, and it was really good. We also watched The Testaments with our investigators on Sunday too! They all liked it a lot!

Lucely is amazing and she loves the Gospel so much! She wants us to help her out in teaching her family. Her husband and her two adult-aged daughters would barely talk to us or look at us at first, but now her husband loves to talk to us and have us around! And her two daughters have some sort of sickness and they agreed to let us give them a blessing of healing. We've been giving a LOT of blessings of healing actually! It's sweet! Well, that's pretty much what went down this week!

I hope you guys enjoy all the pictures! I don´t have anymore time, but thanks for writing! It makes me really happy to read your letters! Oh, and ya'll should send me pictures too!

Elder Bogdan

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